For your and the planet's health and happiness!
Vegetal Harmony is a start-up of vegetable restaurants, guided by "respect" and love for creation. "Respect", first of all, between people, then that between peoples and, therefore, that between man and nature. ​


The Vegetal Harmony universe revolves around the knowledge of the right food, food cultures and science, because healthy food gives harmony and joy to human beings.

Through this vision of respect, love and food culture, Vegetal Harmony wants to unite with harmony, science, food and ecological behavior, with the aim of becoming, for investors, economic security for today and for the future.

Our idea starts with fast food chains, but is expanded and personalized through the choice of vegetable based dishes. The way we think about the restaurant is modern and absolutely trendy.

Our idea is to be able to use the vacuum cooking as the first method, and then finish the preparation before the customer.

In our restaurants with the open kitchen, our customers have the opportunity to see what happens in the preparation of a dish and can even be involved, in the preparation of their own vegetable menu and learn about methods and tricks of the trade.

The reference model of Vegetal Harmony is the holacracy – “agile organization”. This organizational paradigm provides that authority and decisions are distributed within a “holarchy” of groups organized according to a consolidated, codified and engineered modality and supported, also, by a software management, instead of a managerial hierarchy.


Our premises are modern and structured so as to welcome customers in a simple and harmonious way


We are looking for industry professionals who can explain our philosophy.

If you are a dietologist, a nutritionist, a doctor or a olistic therapist… and you also believe, like us, in the importance of healthy food for human and planetary health, you can also contribute.

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Investment Lines

With the creation of the Vegetal Harmony restaurant chain, in Italy and in the world, our goal is to make vegetable food attractive and trendy.

The choice of our premises by customers will be dictated by the desire to live in harmony with one’s body, through food.

Find out how you can actively contribute to this ambitious project, which is also an excellent business.

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