The Vegetal Harmony Chefs “The Faslow Food”?.…. Not just Cooks! …For your and the planet’s health and happiness!


Our contemporary, trendy and above all vegetarian fast food start-up has many innovative ideas.

Among the many, one of those that certainly makes the difference compared to all the other fast food or restaurant chains, is linked to the role of the cook.

The cook, for Vegetal Harmony, has a fundamental role and for this we are careful not only to train good cooks who know how to prepare beautiful and good dishes, but we do more, because our idea of a vegetarian cook is much broader.

The experiences made to set up this ambitious project led us to make an important consideration for the role of the cook. This, in fact, in all restaurants is relegated behind the scenes, without ever changing position, or simply, “point of view”. Our vegetarian chefs, on the other hand, are protagonists.

Open Kitchen
In our restaurants with the open kitchen, our customers have the opportunity to see what happens in the preparation of a dish and can even be involved, in the preparation of their own vegetarian menu and learn about methods and tricks of the trade. Therefore, the work of our vegetarian cook will be very "creative" and stimulating: not only will they do what they love to do but they can do it "in the company" of the customers.
Respect for People
Our project provides a deep respect for people, and respect for those who do a demanding job, such as having to cook for many hours, and leads us to make it an important role, even a priority, for our restaurants.
How we see the Chefs
In the philosophy of respect for people, our project provides, for those who want it, a working time of 8 hours a day with a Sunday rest. This philosophy stems from the idea of respect for everyone, thus giving the opportunity to reconcile private and family life with working life. We are sure that people can live more serenely and therefore also work in a more pleasant and profitable way. Those who want to take advantage of our vegetarian menu on a Sunday can buy it on the go on a Saturday!
Show Cooking
Contest, Web TV and much more ... COMING SOON


If you are a chef, or you want to invest in our ambitious vegetable restaurant project, click here. We will give you more information to join our team.

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