Ecology and Biodiversity

Biodiversity and Ecology in Vegetal Harmony “The Faslow Food”! For your and the planet’s health and happiness!


For our vegetal restaurant “Vegetal Harmony” start up, we have chosen to adopt a philosophy based on respect for the environment, ecology and biodiversity.

We believe that a healthy and clean planet can improve our future and for this reason, in our restaurants, the continuous development of ecology and biodiversity, scientifically supported, will be the protagonists.

Ecology is a science that studies the interactions between all the organisms and their environment.

Perhaps we all feel a bit responsible for the polluting behaviour that man has irreversibly adopted to date and we at Vegetal Harmony would like to minimize our negative influence on the environment in our own small way.  For ourselves, but also for future generations.

We can improve our future by becoming aware of our actions and sharing them with others, thus demonstrating that increasing the use of vegetable food can help the earth and reduce the exploitation of resources.

In our restaurants we want to adopt an economy that is as circular as possible, respecting the environment and biodiversity.v


To explain where our philosophy comes from we start from the definition that wikipedia gives of biodiversity:

“The biological diversity or biodiversity in ecology is the variety of living organisms, in their different forms, and in their respective ecosystems. It includes the entire biological variability: of genes, species, ecological niches and ecosystems. Genetic resources are considered the determining component of biodiversity within a single species ”.

Genetic resources are also the biological basis also for agriculture and livestock and, therefore, in this case, we are talking about “food biodiversity“.

Unfortunately, today this genetic variety is strongly at risk and the drastic drop in plant varieties could cause incalculable damage not only to the environment, but also to humans.

The cultivated varieties, in fact, have been reduced today to a few dozen hybrids, created to meet the needs of an agriculture that is based more on quantity and regularity of production than on respect for biodiversity.

In our project to start up vegan restaurants, attention to the origin of the products will be central.

For our premises we will choose organic and seasonal products as a priority, in order to offer our customers, in a context of economic and environmental sustainability, the highest quality in every dish and to better respect our planet.


Biodiversity is very important for any ecosystem such as, for example, agricultural land or a forest.

Indeed, it has been shown that the loss of biodiversity reduces productivity and generates imbalances in the food chain. This creates conditions for problems related to food and energy insecurity and thus contributes to the increase in natural disasters, the waning of the population’s overall health and the impoverishment of cultural traditions.

For all these reasons, Vegetal Harmony prefers biodiversity for your health and that of our planet!

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