Vegan or Vegetable restaurant?

For your and the planet’s health and happiness!

Our Vegetal Harmony project involves the opening of vegetable restaurants. But what does “vegetable” restaurant mean? And why not a vegan restaurant?

Similarly to vegan dishes, exclusively vegetable-based dishes are served in our premises. However, we have decided not to call ourselves vegan restaurants and then briefly explain why.


Our goal is to create harmony through respect between people, but also between humans, animals and the surrounding environment.

The idea of cooking only plant foods, for us, is associated above all with the aim of preserving the psychophysical health of people, starting from numerous studies, which recommend using vegetable dishes instead of those of animal origin. Furthermore, our daily commitment also comes from the awareness that the production of meat contributes to pollute the planet, while we, in our own small way, want to fight to protect it and preserve it.

We at Vegetal Harmony, while sharing the vegan vision and, in particular, the same idea of food based on plant foods, adopt the philosophy of “vegetalism”, which concerns only plant nutrition. In fact, we only deal with a part of this whole movement: the production and consumption of food and its implications for the health of people and the environment.

We do not, however, treat animal rights issues, which are certainly dear to us. In fact, we also address those who use animal products and / or are on the way to healthy and consciously ecological nutrition, even if they never fully belong to a vegan vision.

For this reason, we have decided not to call our vegan restaurants, but to call them vegetables, to be spokesmen for what is a diet that we could define as “beautiful, healthy and ecological”, without judging who, instead, has different eating habits.

After all, a vegan or vegetable restaurant, for everyone it will be, more or less, the same thing. We at Vegetal Harmony, however, give a high value to our project and to our philosophy of eating healthy while respecting the health of man and the planet and, for this reason, we would like to explain that ours are not vegan restaurants, but vegetable!

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